Blood Moon

by Tamed Animals

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released May 28, 2014



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Tamed Animals Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Condensing Seas
this lust blanketing the velvet sky with shrouds of discontented loathing now you're on your own just like you've always been now you're on your own like you always will be cactus eyes on a pavement of stone churches dissolve before mine eyes
Track Name: From 2 Come 3
lacking these cruel and insensitive bristles positioning on a ridge above the falling rocks self loathing in a shower of driveling mind corpse from two come three and back to one
Track Name: Shadows
all I took makes me afraid of shadows in the dark when I'm alone all you gave makes me afraid of demons in the night when I'm alone
Track Name: Moons of Jupiter
please follow me into thee endless sea
Track Name: White Widows
come along for nights do it anyway what is in the room goddess in your eyes what is this I took where did it come from it is your mind how can it be
Track Name: Manipulators
run for gold to shadows away from from the hour to let us in always go to rest and never go away from the sights to shadows in your eyes
Track Name: Heightening in Strength
weird dreams make us kill ourselves at night there is no substitute for real flesh and voice the amount I think of you is immeasurable we can do better we're going to save the world look them all straight in the eye show them you don't care about them so desperate for attention are you powerful are you powerful or are you one of the weak one of the meek are you powerful or are you one of the weak one of the weak one of the meek
Track Name: Dream Cannibals
I know I know nothing at all the island looks prosperous from afar but who's to say the cannibals won't eat my brain and make an ornament of my skull I know I know nothing at all but who’s to say this illusion is not real and these distractions will not fall I know I know I know nothing at all
except these walls